You Are Such An Inconvenience!

Last Friday, at 9:50am, I drove into our car park at work. My office is in the main street of Wagga.

I was running late so was in the process of preparing myself for the tasks I had to perform before consulting with a client at 10am.

As I entered the car park I noticed my first designated car park was taken.

All good, I have a second one on the other side.

It, too, was taken.

Two people obviously thought they had a right to park in my clearly marked car spots. Two people who work nearby thought “There’s a car park no-one is using, I’ll take it.”

Running late, I parked behind one and proceeded to my work.

Half an hour into the consultation, a lady entered my office and asked if was parked behind her. I said I was and I would only be half an hour as I was consulting with a client. I was then called inconsiderate as I was inconveniencing her. ☺

Many responses entered my mind.

Fortunately, I have control over what my brain says and what I do say.

This scenario occurs very often with all the tenets. Even though the parks are clearly marked, people still think they have a right to park there.

This got me thinking.

I felt inconvenienced through not being able to park in my designated car park. This lady said I was inconveniencing her.

How often do we feel inconvenienced?

Someone asks you to stack the dishwasher, it’s easy to think “Why me? I’m watching this show on TV.”

“Can you please help me with … (this)?” “Do I have to?”

“Missed the green traffic light. Damn.”

“This person is driving so slow” which means I am being held up.

“You are running late and holding me up.”

All these examples indicate inconvenience.

clive, how many more examples can you think of?

While the word ‘inconvenience’ is not spoken very often, it certainly thought often.

It appears we want the world to exist with what is best for us.

I want people to park somewhere else so my life flows freely.

No-one should ask me to do anything as I’m happy doing what I’m doing. Mind you, I am allowed to ask others to do things and inconvenience them.

The traffic light should stay green until I go through it and then who cares what it does!

People should drive at a speed that suits me and then I will be happy.

You should be running on time for me so I am not waiting around for you. Not interested in your excuses or reasons.

Sounds ironic when we say it like that.

If you find yourself thinking like that, it’s time for a change.

It’s important to:

    * Consider other peoples needs.
    * Allow others to be whom they choose to be, to have their own thoughts and live the life they want.
    * Have patience.
    * Have an attitude of “How can I help?”

People do not inconvenience us. We choose to feel inconvenienced.

Good luck.

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