Why Aren't I Motivated?

One of the most common comments I hear from elite sports people is “I’ve got no motivation”.

“I’ve got no motivation to train.” 

“I don’t feel motivated to play.”

So, why aren’t these people motivated?

Simple. There is no benefit to do what they would like to do.

In order to be motivated, there has to be a benefit. No benefit, no motivation.

When you have a task to perform, your mind weighs up the positives to doing it and the negatives. If you have 50 units of energy to do something and there are 10 units against doing it, you will not do it. If there are 50 units against doing something and 10 units for, you will not do it.

So, if you don’t feel motivated, the first thing to recognise is there is a greater not to do something than there is to do it.

There is a greater need to stay away from training than there is to train. There is a greater need not to play this great player/team than there is to play.

When people say to me they are not motivated, I reply “Yes you are”.

You’re motivated to stay in bed, to go shopping or to watch television – whatever it is that you do when you are not training/playing.

You can’t be totally motivated to watch television and to train. They are opposites.

You can be half and half. If you are half motivated to do something, you will default to what is easiest or to what you get the most pleasure from.

The Solution

If you wish to feel motivated:

1. Increase the need to do the desired task.

You do this by focusing on the benefits you receive from finishing the task. Make them important and make them BIG.

What are the benefits of training? Even it is cold, wet, too hot or tiring.

What are the benefits of playing this great team or person? What can you learn from the experience?

When the need to do the desired task outweighs the need not, you will feel motivated (and perhaps, excited) to do it.

2. Decrease the need of doing the opposite.

In other words, decrease the need to stay in bed, to watch television or go shopping.

Even put emotional pain to doing what you are currently doing.

Imagine yourself being beaten by this player or team. What does it feel like?

Imagine not feeling fit, getting n injury and sitting on the sidelines for a month. What would that feel like?

Imagine people or a team you used to be able to beat now beating you. How would that feel?

If it feels lousy, great. This means you are more excited about doing something about it.

3. Identify the cause for the lack of motivation.

If you have completed 1. and 2. and are still not feeling motivated, you have a mental saboteur that is holding you back.

For most people, this is Fear.

The fear you will lose and feel embarrassed.

Fear they may not play well and will feel greatly disappointed.

Fear of what people will think of them.

It’s now important to deal with this Fear and put it into perspective – we’ll cover this in another article.

Three easy steps to feel motivated.

Pick an area where you need to do something yet do not feel motivated.

Give the above three steps a go and let me know how you get on.

Good luck.

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