What Would You Do?

I received a phone call from a gentleman who, I’m assuming, has native African heritage.

In broken English he asked “Can I please book my young child in to see you because he is not speaking very well. He has trouble saying words and I need to get him some help”

This gentleman had called the wrong number.

I explained that I work with a person’s thinking rather than their speech.

If you were my receptionist and had taken this call, what would you have said and what would you have done next?

I randomly surveyed five people as I was interested in how people would respond to this.

Three said they would say “I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.”

The other two said something like “I’m sorry, you have called the wrong number. You probably need to call a speech pathologist.”

Is your response similar to either of these?

After I had explained what I do, I found out some more information to make sure I could point him in the right direction.

He did need a speech pathologist.

Rather than let him go to the trouble of finding one, I asked if I could help. I went on-line, found three who I have heard are good and gave him their numbers. I also suggested some questions he could ask each on the phone to determine who was best to help him.

I finished the call by asking him to call me back if he had any trouble finding a speech pathologist or making an appointment.

He was most grateful.

Extra time taken: five minutes.

Why am I explaining this?

Good question!

We often reach a point in life where we are so busy, we miss the opportunity to help others.

Most of the younger generation take the quick way. They seem more concerned with how they can help themselves rather than how they can help others.

The common thought seems to be, “If I’m not going to get anything from it, I’ll quickly move on”. Their response to the above is “You have called the wrong number.”

Helping others is an excellent trait to have.

How can I make someone’s day better?

In what way can I help?

How can I help them to be happier?

What good deed can I do?

Go out of your way each day to help someone – whether it is simply saying “Hello” or helping an elderly person get through a door or across the road.

Let me know how you go.

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