What If …?

“Jenny” consulted with me because she was upset with some things happening in her life.

Her mother was in hospital and she worried about her.

She had to have a biopsy on one of her breasts.

Her children were having problems with school and she was worried they would fail their tests. They also had a school excursion to go on and she was worried they didn’t have the money to pay for it.

During the course of our session, Jenny kept posing the question: “What if …”.

“What if my mother dies?”

“What if her treatment doesn’t work?”

“What if the doctor makes a mistake?”

“What if I have breast cancer?”

“What if they have to be removed?”

“What if I can’t find the money for the kids excursion?”

These are all negative questions and only make her feel worse. It becomes “What else can go wrong?”

clive, where do you ask the “What if …?” question?

When you worry about something, you can either change it or not. If you can, do so. If you can’t, place it on hold until such time as you can.

Worrying about it not going to create a new result. It will only make you feel emotionally low.

The Solution

Here is a novel way to fix this common question.

I asked Jenny “What if things went well?”

She smiled and said “That would be nice”.

“Let us do some positive What if’s.

What if your mother lives?

What if her treatment does work?

What if the doctor succeeds?

What if your breasts are healthy?

What if your children pass their tests?

What if you can find the money for the kids excursion?”

Again, more smiles.

Not only does asking the positive make you feel good, it also introduces the Law Of Attraction which states “What you think is what you get”.

By asking negative “What if …?” questions, Jenny continued to feel negative so attracted more negative experiences into her life.

Through asking the positive questions, she attracts positive experiences and feels happier.

What If ...Fly

Re the photo above. Imagine the people at the time asking “What if that thing doesn’t fly?”

Other questions from time gone by: What if we go over the horizon and fall off the world?

What if that space craft doesn’t make it?

What if nobody wants to buy a car?

Thank goodness someone had the insight to ask “What if it works?” and kept going.

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