To Be A Champion …

Have you noticed how champions excel?

How they do things better than others?

For example, the 2013 Australian Open Tennis Championships.Compare the way Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic play compared tothe rest.

They have studied what it takes to be the best. They knowthey have to be able to continually hit the ball back into play. They know theyhave to have great speed across the court. They know they have to have a greatserve and they know they have to have the right mindset.

Furthermore, they know they have to do the right practise toget it all together.

Whether you play a sport, own a business or have a hobby youlove, if you want to be great at it, it important to study what it takes to be “great”.

And if you are already “great” at what you do, how can youimprove?

If I was on the World tennis circuit, I would study the bestand then think of what I would have to do to out-play the top four players.

I would hire the right coaches and practice the importanttechniques until they became automatic.

Importantly, I would have fun doing it.



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