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In my last newsletter I discussed how your health is affected by what you eat. In particular, I honed in on sugar and discussed how consuming too much sugar can create problems like mood swings, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. If you would like to read the article, please click here.

Jane, how much sugar are you consuming?

To determine this, consult the label on the packet. In Australia, look for “sugar” (under Carbohydrates) and go across to the column “Per 100gram”. This gives you the percentage sugar in that food. For example, if it says 32.6, this equates to 32.6% of that product is sugar.

Many “healthy” foods can contain a lot of sugar. As an example, some flavoured mineral soft drinks can contain over 8 teaspoons of sugar per 375ml can.

Become aware of how much sugar you are consuming. It affects the way you feel and perform. This can be particularly true for children.

The Effect of Sugar

In an institution for young offenders, a study showed anti-social behaviour could be cut by about 50% simply by reducing their sugar consumption. Soft drinks, junk food, high sugar desserts and cereals were replaced by healthy foods.

The result: After 12 months, assaults were down by 82%, thefts down 77%, general rule violations down 23% and fighting down by 13%.

At the end of the research period inmates were allowed to return to their old diets and eat junk food. It was found that the incident of anti-social behaviour reverted to their previous levels. (Ref: Superliving)

Do you crave sugar? If you do, you may do so for two main reasons:

  1. You feel stressed. Sugar is a “pick-me-up” as it releases good feel chemicals into your system (which is why you may go for chocolates when you are feeling “down”).
  1. You have a mineral deficiency. One such mineral may be Chromium, which is responsible for sugar metabolism.

A mother was having major behavioural problems with her 13 year old daughter. We soon discovered her diet was atrocious as she worked in a take-away food shop and ate plenty of the food that was on offer.

Her mother commented how, as soon as she began taking chromium, the bad behaviour ceased. Now, before you race out and put all your little ones on chromium, there are many reasons why children misbehave!

If you are suffering sugar cravings, identify if it is because of stress, a lack of a mineral (like chromium) or a combination of the two.

If you feel you could have a mineral deficiency, consult with a professional (like a naturopath or a health food professional) to ensure you get it right.

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