The Most Important Part …

Pick your favourite sport.


What is the number one part of your body used in it?


While some say “the legs”, others say “the arms”. Some say“the chest muscles” or “lungs”.


While these are correct in a small way, they are not thenumber part of the body that is being used.


The number one part is your mind.


If we take tennis as an example.


What determines when you hit the ball? How hard you hit it?Where you hit it?


What determines how fast you run? Where you run? How you setthe point up and how you out-fox your opponent?


Your mind.


Yet the mind appears to be the last thing anyone wants totrain. They prefer to spend hours doing all the physical work – only to be letdown in the main contest by their thinking.


For whatever sport you are involved with, here is a list ofthe mental things to consider:



Are youmotivated?


         Do you havethe confidence?


         Do you have agame plan?


         Do you havethe ability to relax and play your best?


         Do you havethe ability to get your best form back?


         Can youcorrect mistakes quickly and move on?

         Are you able to ignore distractions?


Get these right and you are on track to producing your best.

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