Think Yourself To Better Health CD

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Think Yourself to Better Health CD Set

There are four main factors that determine your health:

(i) genetic factors (estimated at about 10%),

(ii) environmental factors,

(iii) what you eat,

(iv) what you think.

While most people give some consideration   to environmental factors and what they eat, they pay little attention to perhaps the most important factor of all – what they think.

Most people know to some degree their thinking plays a part. Ask what causes stomach ulcers and most people will reply “Worry”. People know when their immune system is low they are prone to getting sick. One of the main cases of a lowered immune system is stress.

The aim of this CD is to get you thinking about just how much your thinking affects your health.

CD 1: The Mind-Body Connection

You will learn how different thoughts produce different chemicals which affect the way your body performs. For example, when you are angry, “angry” chemicals are released which stops digestion, increases muscle tension, increases the secretion of blood sugar and generally prepares you for “flight or fight”. Hold onto anger for long enough, and your body is not going to function properly.

CD 2: A Relaxation Exercise

A 20 minute CD that allows you to relax and your body to re-energise.

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