Empower Yourself

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“A best seller”

A quick test is to determine if “Empower Yourself” is the right book for you:

Would you like to

  • feel more confident and be able to maintain that confidence?
  • stop allowing other people to affect the way you feel?
  • overcome feelings of rejection, failure and anger?
  • overcome depression, anxiety or worry?
  • deal with stress in a positive way?
  • take control of your life?
  • be happy all of the time?
  • improve your performance levels?
  • feel more motivated?
  • be happier in relationships?
  • influence others in a positive way?
  • give more love unconditionally?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these, this book is for you.

To achieve any or all of the above, you must have high self esteem. Through having this asset, you take control of your life and enjoy every moment it has to offer.


“I just wanted to say thank you – the ‘Empower Yourself’ book is the best self help book I have ever read, hands down. It’s practical, logical and straight to the point. Super stuff, this book is my permanent travel partner”.

… Daniel B

“Very impressive. I have read enough books etc to be able to write a book on the theory of what I need to do. What you do, and I think it’s the first I have ever seen, is tell how to implement the theory into practical steps to allow me to fully understand the processes to assist me in the journey of my life …. So go for it and become the world leader “in the practical application of developing self esteem” as you deserve with the quality of this book.”
… John E

“Empower Yourself” is easy to read and understand, with lots of useful tools to help increase your self esteem. The way Clive encourages personal responsibility and provides a process to follow allowed me to find solutions that benefit myself and my family.”
… Colleen Panaho – Kinesiologist

“A much needed book that fills a hole in the requirement for success in life. It not only talks about self-image like many other books, but gives you a step by step guide on how to develop a better self image. Something that has been needed in the area of self-development for a long time”.
… Dave B

“I couldn’t put this book down as soon as I picked it up!! Every household should own a copy!! … This book is BRILLIANT!! It is very simply written and very easy to understand! The earlier you read this book, the better! … It just helps you soooo much on how you feel about yourself! It’s a book that helps you feel great!!! Everybody BUY A COPY if you haven’t yet!! It is THAT GOOD! ^_^”
… Angela L

“I work in the field of psychiatry and I only wish I had this book when I started out. This is an essential read for ANYONE who wants to start living to their full potential. Basic info and easy to read. Study it!”
… (Name withheld)

“Empower Yourself, this book is a must read, read it and read again it is your key to success in life … Better than Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
… Boyke R

129 pages.

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