Creating A Magical Relationship

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“Creating A Magical Relationship: A Practical Guide To What Men Want and Women Need”

“Creating A Magical Relationship” adopts a common sense approach to making your relationship a success. It covers topics like:

  • how to make your relationship “magical”
  • 14 ways to improve your relationship
  • essential relationship rules to live by
  • the different needs of men and women
  • why things go wrong and ways to counteract them
  • why people have affairs and how to avoid them
  • why people stay in a failing relationship
  • why people argue and how to avoid it

Relationships are special. To ensure yours stays on track, a Check-up Questionnaire is also included so you can continually monitor your progress.

Take the time to ensure your relationship succeeds. After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy a “magical” relationship?

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180 pages.


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