Creating A Magical Relationship

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“Creating A Magical Relationship: A Practical Guide To What Men Want and Women Need”

“Creating A Magical Relationship” adopts a common sense approach to making your relationship a success. It covers topics like:

  • how to make your relationship “magical”
  • 14 ways to improve your relationship
  • essential relationship rules to live by
  • the different needs of men and women
  • why things go wrong and ways to counteract them
  • why people have affairs and how to avoid them
  • why people stay in a failing relationship
  • why people argue and how to avoid it

Relationships are special. To ensure yours stays on track, a Check-up Questionnaire is also included so you can continually monitor your progress.

Take the time to ensure your relationship succeeds. After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy a “magical” relationship?

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180 pages.

5 reviews for Creating A Magical Relationship

  1. For a simple guide to complex relationship issues, this book is a must.

  2. Clive Murphy is the master of simplicity. Wherever you are in a relationship, this book will give you clear ideas that will help you to improve all aspects of how you and your partner interact.

  3. Here is a book for every couple to keep handy. Its plain language, down-to-earth wisdom and challenging questions allow partners to see themselves as the other sees them, and to step beyond their own assumptions about what is best for the relationship. Those who take this book seriously are in for some new understandings and a great relationship.

  4. In this book, Clive provides strategies for identifying and addressing the key issues and concerns that impact on us and our relationships. It’s full of logical common-sense, presented in an easy to relate to manner … almost a recipe for living!
    The other thing that stood out for me is that it is a book that can (and should be) shared with those we want to build more effective relationships with … because relationships involve more than self.

  5. A great book. Clive has compiled a reference book for the perfect relationship. This book should be taught at all high schools as part of the curriculum, thus preventing many split relationships.

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