Weight Loss


Why do people have trouble losing weight?

Most people who have trouble losing weight say they know what they have to do to lose weight yet lack the will-power and the motivation.

While there are thousands of books outlining what to eat, there are few explaining how to feel motivated to achieve and maintain the desired weight.

What people are currently doing is not working because more and more people are becoming obese.

There has to be a different and better way … and there is.It is a common sense approach to weight loss that gives answers as to why weight loss programs seldom work and how to get it right.

And, let’s be honest, very few people like going on a weight loss program.

It takes time and is hard work for very little, if any, result.



The Facts:

Over 90% of people who go on a diet put all the weight, and perhaps even more back on within 12 months of completing the diet.

Most people who go on a diet lose motivation within 3 weeks of starting it.

Clive’s research (from over 20 years of working with weight loss clients) shows nearly 100% of people who want to lose weight:

are motivated by the wrong factors to lose the weight and keep it off.

have a negative attitude to themselves and to achieving weight loss.



The Common Weight Loss Program

You have a special event coming up, you no longer fit into your clothes, you see a photo of yourself you dislike, someone comments on your weight or you have a health scare.

These are some of the triggers that cause you to decide it is time to lose some weight.

1. You decide how much you want to lose and by what time.

2. You select a starting time, a diet (generally one you have read about, someone recommends or you have tried before) and you think about what sort of exercise you can do that you may enjoy.

3. You begin your new program – full of enthusiasm.

4. You weigh yourself anywhere from twice daily to once a week.

5. Three weeks into it, you are sick of the food you have to eat, the exercise and the time it takes. If the scales indicate you have lost weight, even 1 gram, you have the motivation to continue. If the scales indicate you have not lost any weight, you realise this is going to be really difficult so you lose motivation as you think all the hard work is not worth it. You will probably feel depressed and have a “pig-out” – thinking “I’ve blown it” so you may as well quit now.

6. At some point you get the “guilts” so decide to start again – only to produce the same result.I consult with many who say “I have tried every diet available and they all work to some degree.

I stay on them for about 3 weeks and then I start to eat the wrong foods”.

This happens for some very good reasons.



You Will Have Trouble Losing Weight if You:

Go on a diet or yo-yo diet – both lower your metabolic rate. Diet = eating those foods you dislike in quantities you dislike at times you dislike. Ask yourself: How many people like going on a diet? Answer: No-one. If you dislike something, you will never be motivated to do it.

✓ Set a target to lose “x” number of kilos – it’s not weight you want to lose. By focusing on weight and weighing yourself, you are working with a negative concept.

✓ Regularly overeat – food is energy. The more energy you consume, the more you have to lose in some way. What you don’t lose is stored. Some foods are higher in energy than others.

✓ Feel stressed – stress can cause you to eat for comfort and releases a chemical in your body called Cortisol which stops you from losing weight.

✓ See yourself in a negative way – like being fat. Seeing yourself in a negative way is a stress and will only produce the result you don’t want.

✓ Easily lose motivation – you will do this if there is no benefit in what you are doing or you dislike what you are doing.

✓ Gain a subconscious benefit from having the weight – some people have a weight problem because they gain a benefit from it. The weight may mean protection, power or it may unconsciously keep them safe.


In order to lose weight, you have to feel motivated. As no-one likes going on a weight loss program, weight loss is a negative concept. Therefore, if you focus on losing weight, you are mentally doomed before you start.



What Makes Clive’s Concept Different?

It addresses the real issues in a common sense way. For example:

✓ Focusing on weight loss, or any form of loss, produces a negative mindset.

✓ Seeing yourself in a negative way will only reinforce what you don’t want.

✓ Measure what you truly want – and it’s not weight loss. It is what the weight loss will give you.

✓ You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat – the motivator is the reason “why”.

✓ Eat too little when you exercise and you could be burning muscle. This can stop the fat burning process.

✓ Three things that can stop you from losing weight and even cause you to put on weight are weighing yourself regularly, stress and using the weight for emotional protection.

✓ While most people think they are serious about losing weight, it is more of a “hope”/”want” than a need.

✓ You will never feel motivated to do something you don’t like doing – and how many people like what they have to do to lose weight? None. For this reason, 100% of the people I consult are motivated by negative factors and will thus have trouble achieving and/or maintaining their goal.

✓ While you may think you are lazy, you are not. You may be lazy when it comes to preparing healthy food or to exercising but you may not be lazy when it comes to getting your work done or “vegging” out on the couch. You are confusing lazy with priorities. The higher the priority, the more likely you are to do it. You may just well be giving your health a low priority – until something goes wrong!


In this consultation, you will learn:

✓ Should you have treats?

✓ How to deal with diets so you never ever go on one again.

✓ Is it good to eat pre-prepared mealsHow to stop over-eating and eating for comfort.

✓ How weighing yourself can actually cause you to put on weight.

✓ Self image and body image are totally different.

✓ How negative self talk can contribute to your weight problem.

✓ The best motivators to achieve short and long term results.

✓ How your subconscious mind can gain a benefit from being overweight.

✓ The importance of challenging yourself.

✓ Why most people fail to achieve the desired result.

✓ While you may be on a great diet and exercising, the four main reasons you may not be losing weight.

✓ How it’s not weight you want to lose; it’s FAT.


If you are eating healthy meals and exercising yet are not losing weight or becoming slimmer, there are four possible reasons for this:

1. Stress can stop the weight loss process as the stress hormone Cortisol is released.

2. Not eating enough – you are burning muscle rather than fat.

3. Drinking alcohol – body burns the alcohol for fuel before fat.

4. You gain an emotional benefit from having the weight – eg protection.



Clive’s New Weight Loss Book

“Why Is My Bum So Big?” addresses all the issues you need to know about how to lose weight effectively and keep it off. This is a must read book regardless of the weight loss program you are currently on.

For example, you are not looking to lose weight!

You are wanting to lose fat. Did you know some of what you currently do can stop you from doing this?

Nearly 100% of the people Clive consults with are motivated by the wrong factors. This makes it so difficult to lose the weight and keep it off!



Like to Know More?

If you would like to know more on how to begin dealing with your weight, you can:

(i) Make an appointment. You can consult with Clive in person or have a telephone/skype consultation. To consult with him in person, you can either phone Julie on 02 6921 6373 (International +61 2 6921 6373) to secure a time or e-mail us on clive@clivemurphy.com

(ii) As well as “Why Is My Bum So Big?“, you can also read “You Have The Power” or “Empower Yourself” as they contain information on how to take control of your life.

(iii) A similar book to “Why Is My Bum So Big?” is “Motivation To Lose Weight” and this can be purchased on Amazon.





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