Stress and How to Deal With It


Stress holds you back from peak performance and contributes to ill health. Stress costs businesses millions of dollars every year. This may be stress at work, financially, at home or it could be related to health. Through feeling stressed, a person’s performance drops and thus the productivity of the business drops.

While there are many ways of coping with or managing stress, Clive prefers to deal with the cause. Once you deal with the cause and process the stress in a positive way, it ceases to affect you.

Stress is your reaction to a stimuli. So there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress includes exercise and doing good things whereas bad stress includes financial problems, pressure to perform, having to get things done by a certain time, doing something you do not want to do, someone giving you a hard time and worrying about something.

Stress left undealt with leads to dis-stress, which them leads to dis-ease which leads to disease. Stress also depletes your immune system and reduces the rate at which your tissues repair and regenerate themselves.

In summary, stay under stress long enough and you will end up sick and looking a lot older.

While most people manage their stress by using relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga and affirmations, these fail to deal with the cause of the stress. While they definitely help, they are like a band-aid solution. It is like putting the stress in and then letting it out. So long as you have a balance between putting it in and letting it out, it is fine.

Some people attempt to separate themselves from the stress. For example, a lady could not put up with her boss’s bad moods so decided the best way to deal with this stress was to leave and get another job. The problem was, her new boss was great for four months before family problems caused him to emotionally have highs and lows (with the latter predominating). She then felt stressed as she had trouble handling his mood swings.

While it is okay to change jobs, it is better to deal with why she was initially reacting to her boss’s moods.

If you own a business or are a manager, it is a must to survey your team, identify the stresses and then deal with them.


Stress can be created by:

✓ A business owner/manager – in the way he/she thinks and works with their team

✓ Problems at home

✓ Problems at work

✓ Personal problems

✓ De-motivated staff or motivated by the wrong factors

✓ Too much work

✓ Not enough time/people to do the work

✓ Too much pressure to perform and/or achieve targets

✓ Problems dealing with bad customers

✓ Poor eating habits or not getting enough sleep


The main symptoms of stress include:

 Feeling uptight

✓ Sore back/neck

✓ Tight muscles

✓ Worrying

✓ Frustration and Anger

✓ Irritability

✓ Making mistakes

 Poor performance

✓ Short-tempered

 Mood swings

✓ Headaches

✓ Racing heart

✓ High blood pressure

✓ Depression/anxiety/panic feelings/suicidal thoughts

✓ Sleep problems

✓ Tiredness/inability to think clearly

✓ Don’t feel like eating/eat to feel good

✓ Eating junk food – especially those high in sugar

✓ Increase in alcohol &/or caffeine consumption

✓ Increase in drug use (prescribed and recreational)


In this seminar you will learn:

✓ What is stress and how to identify it

✓ The symptoms and causes of stress

✓ The effect stress has on your performance and health

✓ How most people react to it and cope with it

✓ Why many stress management techniques fail to work in the long term

✓ The effect diet has on the way you think and feel.

✓ How to deal with and begin to eliminate stress


Like to deal with or start eliminating stress?

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