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While there are a lot of seminars on developing self esteem and confidence, this is not only one of the best, it is different to the rest, and, best of all, produces near instant results. Clive has developed a completely new concept on achieving self esteem and maintaining it. This concept is so powerful in achieving results in just a few sessions, drug users and alcoholics have been able to give up their addiction without withdrawals or cravings; anorexics/bulimics have put on weight and kept it on; people feeling depressed have overcome the problem; people feeling rejected have overcome this to feel in control.

Self esteem is the cornerstone of your existence. It determines how you feel and how you process what is happening in your life.

Most people have high self esteem when things work out and go their way. However, when things go wrong, when they feel rejected or a failure, their self esteem plummets. This is the time it is critical to have high self esteem.

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Is this Seminar for You?

A quick check: If 100% is the best you could feel and 0% the worst, how do you emotionally feel right now? How low would you go if things went wrong or failed dismally?  If a family member died, your relationship with a loved one broke up or you lost your job?

If your answers to both questions are less than 100%, you will benefit from this seminar as you are living life below your potential.

How you feel on the inside is called self esteem. The percentages to how you feel reveal your levels of self esteem with the “worst you could feel” being your Real Self Esteem and the where you are “Now” being your False self esteem.

For the worst they could feel, 85% of the people tested score 0% while nearly all the rest come in under 20%. These figures indicate why people feel so “low” and insecure when things go wrong. Most hit “rock bottom” when their relationship breaks up, they feel rejected, a loved one dies or they lose their job.

Nearly every problem people experience – from depression, anxiety, nerves, anger, stress to addictions and obsessions – are caused by low self esteem.

You are born with low self esteem. At birth, you are totally (100%) dependent on your parents to satisfy both your physical and emotional needs. You are dependent on your parents bath you, dress you, change nappies and feed you. You are also dependent on them to love and accept you and make you happy.

While you are taught how to become independent physically, you are never taught how to become independent emotionally so stay dependent on others for how you feel.

Why do you stay dependent?

Because people like your parents and school have no idea on how to achieve emotional independence. It is important to feel in total control of your life at all times and have high self esteem.

To learn how to achieve this, book this seminar or read “Empower Yourself: A Practical Guide to Building Self Esteem”.


Read What Others Have to Say

“Your seminar has really helped my self esteem. I don’t care what people say about me anymore because I am so busy being me.”… Erin R (14 year-old High School student)

“I would recommend this seminar to anyone in business or with a desire to improve their lifestyle. Have attended approximately 30 to 40 seminars over the years, Clive is as good a presenter as you will get.”… Gary Gurtner (Barbeques Galore, Wagga Wagga)

“I learnt to change the way I think and to look at things differently. I now look for positives instead of accepting the negatives.”… Debbie Angel

“While I thought I was a positive person, “Empower Your Life” has taught me to be more positive. Where I allowed people to affect me, I now process this in a positive way.”… Annon


This seminar is different to any other seminar you may have attended.

It gets right to the core as to why people have low self esteem.

It teaches you about your Real Self Esteem and how this Real holds you back from achieving.

It shows you how much control you give to others and how to take this back as the only person you have to control is yourself and your thinking.

To gauge how much control you give to others, if the worst you could feel (your Real) is 10%, you need 90% to come from another source to make you feel good. This 90% is how much you depend on others and things for how you feel and it is the amount of control you give away (as you only have 10% control in Real terms). Scary, isn’t it?

As you can see, this information is NEW and, when the new thinking is activated, produces near instant results. Clive uses the information he presents every day in his counselling sessions so he knows what works and what doesn’t from real life experiences.

At the end of a seminar, most attendees are wanting Clive to share more information with them.



You Will Learn Heaps that Will Immediately Empower You

People know they must have self-esteem. Easily said, but how do you achieve this? In this seminar, you will learn:

How to have high self esteem and confidence all the time

✓ Why people fail to achieve them

✓ The symptoms of low self esteem

✓ How to take control of your thinking in all situations

✓ How your mind works to produce good and bad feelings

✓ Why you think the way you do and how to change it

✓ Why positive thinking does not always work

✓ How to feel happy all the time

✓ How to stop other people from affecting the way you feel

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It’s your life. Don’t you deserve to be the best you can?



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