While many people train their body to perform specific tasks, they fail to train the most important area of all … their mind.

Many top sports and business people say that over 90% of a person’s performance is psychological. And when you think about it, this is true.

What determines how well you throw or kick a ball, whether you make that important phone call or close that sale?

Your thinking.

To perform at a high level, many people put pressure on themselves. Pressure has the effect of tensing muscles and will put the brain into overload. This will often make it harder to perform. Two examples:

(i) Remember back to exams. You are stuck with a question and have a mental blank. The more pressure you place on yourself to come up with an answer, the less you do. Your brain feels like it is in freeze mode and rapidly sends tension to all parts of your body.

(ii) The batsperson who is out of form. They strike out without making a run. Every time they go out to bat, they place more pressure on themselves, hoping they don’t strike out … and they usually do. Not only is their thinking negative, their body is tense. The harder they try, the worse they become. Oddly, when they practise, their form is quite good. And this can frustrate them to the point where their form becomes worse.


Clive once worked with a Commonwealth Games runner who was keen to get to the Games but his form was so poor, he wasn’t going to make it. He was told by the Australian track and field coach that he was wasting his time trying out. Once Clive got his focus off the need to win and motivated by the right factors, his times soon dropped to the qualifying time.A teenage cricketer who was out of form consulted with Clive to improve his batting. The weekend after the first session with Clive, this youngster scored 100 runs for his team.

Clive has worked with other elite athletes and go-ahead business people to help them maximise their performance.

If a person or team is not performing, it is not only a case of empowering them with what they should be thinking and doing, it is also important to identify where their thinking is holding them back, where don’t they believe in their own ability, what’s stopping them from performing.

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“Maximising Your Performance” teaches you how to:

 Get the best out of yourself.

Overcome poor performance.

Turn “out of form” into “top form”.

Take the pressure off yourself.

✓ Have confidence all the time.

✓ How your thinking can hold you back.

✓ The effect negative experiences have on your performance.

✓ Think yourself to success.


Imagine what it would be like to get the best from yourself.

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