Most people who attend a motivation seminar are motivated for around 10 days before returning to their previous state. They have relied on the motivator for the motivation and have not addressed the things that are stopping them from being motivated.

Learn how to feel motivated every minute of every day so you can achieve it all by yourself.

Motivation is the urge or willingness to create action. Put another way, to be motivated, there has to be a benefit. The greater the benefit, the greater the motivation.

When you have a task to perform, your mind weighs up the positives to doing it and the negatives to not doing it. For example, if you decide to go for a walk after work tonight, at 6:00pm your mind weighs up the positives and negatives of doing this and gives you a net feeling. If it is sunny and warm, the positives will probably outweigh the negatives and you will go for the walk. If it is cold and windy, you will probably stay at home in front of the fire promising to do it tomorrow!

Many clients consult with Clive to gain motivation. It is important to identify what motivates them and “why” so the positives can be reinforced. It is also important to identify what is holding them back from being motivated so these negatives can be removed.

Because Clive regularly consults with people one-on-one, he knows what the good motivators are and what holds people back. Most people are motivated by the wrong factors – like money, winning and achieving the desired result. Some people set goals and place time limits on them. The time becomes the motivator. All these produce good short term results but tend to fail in the long term.

Clive consulted with an athlete who wanted to get to the Commonwealth Games. The athlete had left his preparation time to the last minute and was putting pressure on himself to qualify. When asked how his preparation was going, he replied “Terrible”. He wasn’t winning and he had lost all his motivation to train. When asked what motivated him, he replied “Winning”.

Once Clive got his thinking right and had him motivated by the right factors, his performances improved so remarkably, he qualified to compete at the Games.

A business person had lost motivation. He wanted to sell his business as he had lost the drive to keep it going. He was driven by the income his business produced and because he was going through a tough time, income was down as was his motivation. Through having him re-focus on a prime motivator, he was keen to open his doors and keep the business going.

Once you know the key motivators, you can take control and feel motivated every minute of every day.


In this Motivation seminar, you will learn:

✓ There are three key motivators and why one is superior to the othershow to implement this key motivator to feel and stay motivated

✓ Why people are not motivated and how to become and stay motivated

✓ The common de-motivatorsthe positive and negative aspects of goal setting

✓ How setting limits can hold you back

✓ Why people quickly become de-motivated and how to change it


If you would like to feel more motivated, contact Clive and enlist him to help yourself and your team to realise your potential.

The greater your motivation, the greater your performance.

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