Embracing Change


The World is changing at an ever increasing rate.

Are you keeping up?

What was new six months ago is now virtually obsolete.

It is important to keep up.

Change can occur with:

Starting something new. This may be starting a new job or a new business.

✓ Buying something, like a new car, office equipment or new technology.

 Attitude, like changing the way you process what is happening.

 The way you do things, like contacting clients or working with GST.

Sometimes change is forced onto you as the Government or Taxation Department change rules, or technology demands you upgrade.

You are faced with some form of change nearly every day.

In business, while many people work with it, others resist it. To them, change creates fear, anxiety and anger. They may then avoid the change, hope it goes away, complain about it or reluctantly do it. This behaviour often leads to them feeling worthless or they may spread their negative feelings to others through what they say and do. This negativity will then affect other team members, clients and ultimately the bottom line ($) of that business.

People are fearful of change for a reason. This is a programmed response that needs to be addressed.


In this seminar you will learn:

 What is “change”? When you understand our definition, change is easy.

 How to deal with changes that have occurred within your business.

 The history of “change”.

 How most people react to change.

✓ The different emotions of change – fear, denial, anger and anxiety.

✓ How people learn and communicate.

✓ How to deal with the negative side to change so it works for you.

✓ How to make change work for you.

If you would like your business to Embrace Change, contact us and enlist Clive to help you and your team to realise your potential.

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