One way of programming yourself for success is to attend one of Clive’s seminars or hire Clive to speak at your conference or with your team.

Clive offers seminars on the following topics:

1. Business:

Developing Self Esteem and Confidence


Dealing With Stress

Maximising Performance

Embracing Change


2. Public:

Developing Self Esteem and Confidence

Motivation to Lose Weight

Building Relationships

Dealing With Depression

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Why Use Clive?

Clive has gone from doing it emotionally and physically tough to now enjoying all of life. He knows what works and what doesn’t from his own life experiences.

Furthermore, from working one-on-one with clients for 27 years, Clive has accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge. His aim is to help people in the best possible way in the quickest possible time. He looks “outside the square” to find new and better ways.

To do this, he has developed his own unique way of achieving results. His methods are so powerful in producing results, people experience near instant change.

As one attendee wrote: “I would just like to commend you on the fantastic “Empower Your Life” seminar you presented. I really took a lot out of it and I can feel myself acting on much of the information covered every day. I instantly look for the positive in a situation and that alone keeps my mood level up. You have really taught me a great deal and I am amazed at how simple it can be if you work on it. Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to be the best I can be.” – F.S.

Most of what Clive presents is new and exciting. Where many presenters tell you what to do, Clive teaches you how to achieve your ideal state step by step. Most attendees comment: “This is really common sense” – and it is.

We are told we should have high self esteem and we should feel happy, but how do we achieve that?

If we are not feeling happy, how can we turn that around in an instance? It is one thing to know what what we should be doing, it is another to be doing it. Clive teaches the “how to”.

Many presenters teach what you should be doing – and commonly do it from manuals. For instance, they teach the positives of what you have to do to feel motivated. Sometimes the positive fails to work and the things that are stopping the person from achieving have to also be addressed. This is where Clive’s experience as a counsellor/coach come to the fore as he is regularly consulting with people who are having problems and are not achieving.

Furthermore, Clive has the ability to answer attendees questions as he works in the area of self development full time.

Importantly, Clive “walks the talk”. He teaches what he lives so he can show you how to do the same.

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Clive is committed to improving himself as a person and as a presenter. While he has completed numerous public speaking courses, has been an Accredited Speaking Member of National Speakers Association of Australia, he continues to learn from some of the best speakers.

As testament to Clive’s commitment to improve what he does and his ability to empower people, 95% of attendees (on their Seminar Assessment Form) rate “Topics Covered in the Seminar” and “Presentation” as “Excellent”.

If you would like to learn more about life or a new way of achieving a result, give Clive a call.



To Contact Clive

These seminars can be conducted for business, interest groups (like sports associations, clubs, etc.) and the general public.

If you are interested in attending or organising a seminar, for your business, group or area, select one of the seminars above or a combination to suit your needs and contact Clive on 02 6921 6373 or email

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