My Memory Is Going

Have you ever heard yourself say this?

Last week I began to wonder whether the old brain cells had reached their storage limit and decided they weren’t going to take in any more information.

I was forgetting names, things I had to get from the supermarket and where I had put personal items. I lost my mobile phone and then misplaced my wallet.

I was getting frustrated.

I knew I wasn’t losing it or getting dementia. There had to be a reason.

When I looked at what was happening in my life, I had to have a sit-down.

No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed.

I was busy with my consulting, writing a book and course on overcoming anxiety, another on dealing with a broken relationship. I am learning how to market on Kindle as well as working with a great mentor Jason Moffatt.

Add to this a trip to Albury every week for Trey’s tennis and family chores. My mother had a bad fall before Christmas and is in hospital at 95 – she’ll be home soon. I’m also helping my father out with the odd job that needs doing.

I’m exhausted even writing about it all.

I made a list of all the things that needed doing and ranked them in importance. I then began completing the most important. Some things were deleted from the list and I worked in time for myself to relax.

I now work through my day in a relaxed way with more energy and alertness. I’m sleeping really well and my memory is better than it has been for many years.

Lesson learnt: For you to have a good memory, you need to put energy into what you have to remember. In other words, you have to focus on it.

If you are thinking of four different things while someone is speaking with you, you won’t remember much of what is being said. Think of when you have been watching your favourite television show and someone wants to tell you something. You give more attention to the show. The person speaking will say “You are not listening to me” to which you will reply “Of course I am”!

If you give the speaker your full attention, you will remember the conversation.

I now rush less. I take my time and check what needs doing to ensure those jobs get done. My day is structured.

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