Self Quiz


Are You Living Life to the Max?

A questionnaire to help determine how you are travelling in life.

Rate the following out of 100 with 100 being the best things could be and 0 the worst:

1. How you feel at this moment in time.          ___ / 100

2. The worst you could feel – if things went horribly wrong, how low could you go?          ___ / 100

3. Your relationship with your spouse or loved one.          ___ / 100

4. Your relationship with your children.          ___ / 100

5. Your health.          ___ / 100

6. Your fitness level.          ___ / 100

7. Your job or the work you do.          ___ / 100

8. Your financial state.          ___ / 100


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Most people simply “exist” in life without having a plan or a goal for what they would like to achieve. They just accept what they have without thinking about what they could have or would like.

How did you score for all of the above?

If you are not 100% for each, you are living life below your potential.

Identify those areas you need to improve and spend time developing them.

If you are like most people, you will spend no time developing the most important element of all … YOU.

Put some time aside each day to improve yourself. This may involve reading a book, listening to a tape, watching a video, attending a seminar or having a consultation.

 You will certainly enjoy the benefits – Guaranteed.

Keep the above check-up handy so you can score it each month to ensure you are improving and getting the most out of all areas of life.




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