Relationship Quiz

 Relationship Quiz


Relationships are special. They create much emotion – “love” when things are going well – “rejection” when things are going poorly.

Most people spend little or no time working on and improving their relationship. They simply “hope” it will be good and it will stay good. Relationships need to be worked on.

The following questionnaire will help you identify those areas you need to work on to make your relationship “Magical”. The following are some of the main factors that are required to make a relationship a success. Score each out of 10 (with 10 being perfect and 0 a big problem). Once you have scored it, get your partner to do the same without seeing your scores.

You can download the quiz here.


_____  Honesty – are you totally honest with each other? Can you tell each other anything?

_____  Trust – do you completely trust your partner? Can you view their emails and text messages or do they have something to hide?

_____  Effective Communication – how effective is your communication? Do you listen or over-ride, discuss or argue, talk about problems or talk about solutions?

_____  Respect – do you respect each other for what you do, say and think? The opposite to respect is to degrade your partner – either directly or when speaking with others.

_____  Understanding – is there understanding as to why you partner does things?

_____  Commitment – how committed are you to making this relationship a success? How much do you work on it?

_____  Compromise – do you respect each other’s point of view and work things out for a win/win (as against one person having to be right)? Are you stubborn? Are you solution orientated or do you keep talking about the problem?

_____  Unconditional Love – do you love each other unconditionally? How much do you love your partner?

_____  Individuality – are you allowed to do things by yourself and have your own space?

_____  Share – do you share your experiences and your tasks/chores?

_____  Intimacy – do you enjoy closeness, romance and love making with each other?

_____  Willingness to Resolve Conflict – at the time it arises for a win/win result? How willing are you to find a solution that’s best for both of you (as against what is best for you)?

_____  Develop Together – do you constantly work on improving yourself and your relationship?

_____  Fun – do you have fun together at home and when out?

  Compare your score with your partner’s. If either of you score a question below 10, you both need to work on that area. The lower the score, the more work that is needed.

Once you help each other, you both enjoy that area fully.

When all the above ingredients are present in your relationship … you have love, happiness, harmony and most importantly, a “magical” relationship.

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