Passing Checklist

A Checklist For When You Pass


When my elderly parents died within 5 weeks of each other, it was a challenge to get everything worked out.

I was asked questions like:

      “Do they want to be buried or cremated?”

      “Where do they want their ashes placed?”

      “Where do they want the service to be held?”

      “Who has their will?”

      “Is it current?”

… and the list continued.


When they were in a nursing home, I was asked questions like “Who is their Power Of Attorney?” and “Who do we call if we need to make a medical decision because they can’t?”

I was lucky in that my parents had much organised.

Three things I was lucky they had organised, were:
1. A pre-paid funeral,
2. A Financial Planner,
3. An up-to-date will.

And I knew the details to each.

The Financial Planner was handy in working out their financial state and helped with applying for pensions. They knew where all my parent’s money was invested and who they had shares with.

To help you make life easy for your loved ones, I have put together a list of things that need to be ticked. This will make your life, and perhaps theirs, easy.

Here is the link to the list.

No opt-in required. Click on this link and you will be taken straight to the download.

The list is not exhaustive. It is designed to get you started and help you out.

I suggest your parents fill this out as well as you filling it out.

I trust you find it handy.





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