It's Hard Work …

Whilst watching the weigh-in for the Biggest Loser (weight loss competition on television), one contestant was very upset.

She had just weighed in and had only lost 1.5Kg for the week.

Her comment resonated with me. It went something like: “I have worked so hard this week. I’ve really pushed myself and that’s all I’ve lost”.

I instantly felt the pain many of my weight loss clients suffered. All the hard work for next-to-nothing.

And the contestant has a full time personal trainer pushing her so she loses the maximum amount of weight.

Maybe you can relate to that pain.

All the exercising and eating small quantities of rabbit food to achieve no result.

No wonder so many people give it away in frustration.

There has to be a better way!

And there is.

While weight loss is a huge topic, I’m only going to cover the basics.

First, you don’t want to lose weight.

You want to lose fat. Measure what you want to lose.

Wanting to lose fat is not a good motivator. Why do you want to lose fat?

Write this answer down.

I’m hoping you said something like “To be healthy”, “To be slim”, “To be fit and have energy” and “To fit into my clothes”.

This is your ultimate goal and you need to be able to measure this.

What’s the number one reason people put on weight?

Research shows it is because of stress. Stress releases Cortisol which stops you from losing weight.

The best mind set to have is one of happiness. While you will feel good, it also helps the excess fat to dissolve away.

Third, eat healthy. The more you exercise, the more you will have to eat.

Fourth, How would you describe your body?

Most people say they are fat. What you think is what you get. If you see yourself as fat, you will receive more fat. See yourself achieving your desired state.

Fifth, what motivates you?

For many, it’s the readout on the scales.

Their happiness is determined by the scales (or whether they are losing weight). Get rid of the scales and focus on getting each step right. This is a journey – not a quick-fix.

Sixth, we are geared for gain, not loss. Weight loss is a negative concept. How many people do you know who love going on a weight loss program. Everyone hates it. How are you going to achieve long term results doing something you hate?

More stress, more Cortisol and more weight!

You are geared for gain so eat, drink and exercise to be healthy.

Doesn’t that sound and feel better?

If the above is not working for you, identify what benefit you receive from having the weight. While one part of your mind can say “There is none”, the other part can be stopping you from losing any or reaching a plateau.

One of the biggest benefits is protection. Size may make you feel powerful or protect you from members of the opposite sex.

While nearly everyone knows what they should do to lose weight, very few know the power of their mind in either losing the fat or putting it on.

Like to know more? I have written a book covering in detail all the above points.
One is in Kindle “Motivation To Lose Weight”. The other is from my website “Why Is My Bum So Big?”

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