I Don’t Have Any Willpower

This is a term I often hear.

“I don’t have the willpower to quit smoking.”

“I don’t have the willpower to exercise.”

“I don’t have the willpower to eat healthy foods.”

“I don’t have the willpower to do the things I know I should be doing.”

“I don’t have the willpower to go out and get a job.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

clive, where do you lack willpower to do the things you know you should be doing?

As defined by Wikipedia, willpower is “Self-discipline, training and control of oneself and one’s conduct, usually for personal improvement.”

So willpower is having the self-discipline and control to do something.

An unemployed job seeker was said, “I don’t have the willpower to go out and look for a job”.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I just don’t have any willpower”.

“OK. If you are not looking for a job, what are you doing?”

“I sit at home and watch television.”

“So you have plenty of willpower to watch television.”

Smiling, “I do.”

This young man can’t have the willpower to watch television and go out and look for a job at the same time – unless he looks for a job in a retail store where they sell tv’s ☺.

If people have the willpower to smoke, they wont have the willpower to quit. If someone loves eating junk food, they won’t have the willpower to eat healthy.

To change this, increase the benefits of achieving the desired result.

What are the benefits of healthy eating, getting fit, quitting, losing weight or getting that job. The energy you put to doing this has to outweigh the energy you have for not doing it.

Sometimes, though, increasing the benefit fails to work.

When this occurs, identify the roadblock that is holding you back.

When I asked the unemployed man what was the worst part of looking for a job, he replied “The rejection. You each a point where you can predict the outcome so don’t even go out there and look. It’s demoralizing and a waste of time.”

This is why the tele looked good.

The next step is to overcome his fear of rejection and want the challenge of finding a job. When he gets excited about a having a job and the rewards it brings, he has the willpower to go seeking that job.

clive, what are the roadblocks that are holding you back?

The first step to overcoming them is to identify them.

The second step is to deal with them.

This will improve your willpower.

Willpower comes about from having a need to do something. Make that need BIG.

Good luck.

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