Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts


Nearly everyone has a time in their life when they have a thought about ending their life.

It usually occurs when when they are in a hopeless situation and they can see no way out of it.

The common triggers in adults, are:

  • A major embarrassment.
  • A relationship breakup.
  • A great financial loss.
  • Loss of someone close – they can’t survive without them.
  • Nothing to live for.

In teenagers:

  • Being teased – especially publicly.
  • Being bullied.
  • Failing at a major event.
  • Feeling no-one likes them.
  • Having messed up with someone special.

While it can be a fleeting thought for some, for others it lingers on and the situation becomes worse.

Most people who threaten to take their own life are either looking for help and/or attention. And this can include those who have attempted to take their own life and failed.

Anyone who mentions “suicide” needs to be taken seriously and help should be sought.

Here is an interview I did with Adam Drummond on the topic …



If you feel your life is not worth living, I can assure you it is.

Every problem has a solution.

Seek help from someone who can relate to you and help you.

You will be glad you did.






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