Morning Sickness


This is a problem for many women who are pregnant.It often occurs in the first few months and can then disappear.

For some, it can continue all the way through pregnancy.It can be very debilitating as no-one likes to continually vomit.

I’m told it is caused by the hormones all going out of kilter.

Is there a cure or a way to help alleviate Morning Sickness?

When my first morning sickness client consulted with me, the conversation went:

“How can I help?”

“I’d like to get rid of my morning sickness”.

“Isn’t that physically based – a problem with your hormones?”

“I think it is psychological and I’d like to explore that.”

“Great. Let’s do it.”

While I used to think it was physically based, this client showed me there is a large psychological component.

So let’s look at this from a common sense perspective.

When you are pregnant, your hormones are all geared for fulfilling that pregnancy and the needs of the growing baby.

For the hormones to go out of whack, there has to be a trigger. This trigger is one that drives your hormones: Your thoughts.

Every client I have consulted with morning sickness has resisted pregnancy in some way.

The mother-to-be can fear being pregnant because she:

Does not think she will be a good mother.

Fears the pain of the birth.

Dislikes their pregnant body shape.

Does not want to leave work to have a baby.

So one part of their mind is saying “I don’t want to be pregnant”. The other part is saying “Well, you are.” One is saying you have to have the baby, the other is resisting it. Where you have conflict, the symptoms will be worse.


The Solution

It’s important to be at peace with being pregnant.

Identify all the thoughts you have that involve resisting pregnancy (as per those above).

Deal with each thought so you are at peace with and feel great about being pregnant.

Focus on the positives of being pregnant and the positives of having the baby.

While the pain of giving birth can last for a small period of time (so I’m told by mothers), focus on the bundle of joy you receive and how much you love your baby.

The pain is then all worth it.

There are many ways to counteract pain – from drugs to massage, hypnosis to meditation and meridian tapping.

Identify what method is going to give you the best relief. Practise it so you are prepared.

If you are not receiving your desired result, please consult with a doctor or professional who can help.

The information presented here is done so with the aim of helping you. It is not medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice.




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