Social Anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety



Social Anxiety is often debilitating.


It keeps you from doing the things you would love to do. It creates fear and depression to the point where you can’t see a way of fixing this problem.


There is an increasing number of people experiencing anxiety, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. These can become so bad, the person doesn’t want to leave their home – which then produces more problems.


According to BeyondBlue in Australia, anxiety is the most common mental health issue with 1 in 4 people experiencing it.


In America, the Kim Foundation state 18 percent of people aged 18 years and over will experience an anxiety disorder in a given year.


Social Anxiety is the third biggest mental health problem in the world today.


Social Anxiety can be experienced when you are …

      The centre of attention

      Perceived to be criticised, teased or judged

       In a public situation where you do not know what to say or do

      Being introduced to others

      Being asked a question in the company of others

      Doing something and being watched by others

      Having to say something in public

      Feeling embarrassed

      Walking into a room where you don’t know anyone


This 7 Module Course is designed to give you answers and strategies on ways to beat Social Anxiety, Anxiety and Panic.


From working with clients for nearly 30 years one-on-one, Clive has come up with a ‘Common Sense” solution that gets near instant results. Once you understand what social anxiety really is and it’s function, dealing with it becomes easy. In fact, Clive tested his new concept with a 10 year old boy who suffered from anxiety and gained great success after just one session.


You, too, can have success.


In this on-line video Course you will learn:

      What is Social Anxiety? Anxiety and Panic are states of mind. They are simply feelings you have. When you look at this from a common sense perspective, the solution becomes easy to implement.

      The Function of Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety is there to keep you safe. The Problem is, it does it way too well.


      The many solutions on how to deal with Social Anxiety. While one way can work, there are other ways that also work.


      Why most people never overcome their social anxiety, anxiety or panic attacks. They are simply trying to get rid of something they don’t want! This never works … and you will see why.


      Coping and Managing your social anxiety will never get rid of it. You need to take it one step further.


      When you fail to get a result – there are reasons why and ways to fix this. Clive has included a module outlining some of the main reasons people fail to get rid of their social anxiety and how you can fix each one.


m… and much much more.



Note: This course is very similar to the “Dealing With Anxiety” Course. This one has more information in it so if you purchase this one, you do not need to purchase the other.


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All the risk has been taken out. If what Clive teaches works, you rid yourself of your social anxiety. This then becomes a very cheap investment.


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