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Live Your Life Potential


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Do you know anyone who could improve their life?

Sure, we all do.

Each and every one of us has so much potential to the life of our dreams. To be a confident and happy person. To enjoy a magical relationship. To be healthy, wise and energetic. To be financially secure. To live a fulfilling life.

In my early 30’s I thought life was good … and it was.

The problem was, I lacked emotional security which affected my relationships and how I felt. It took some defining moments that dropped me to the depths of despair for me to realise I had problems that needed fixing.

After embarking on a journey to heal myself, I discovered some key tools to help others. Tools that would allow them to deal with any experience life threw at them. Tools that taught them how to be happy and feel in control no matter what was happening.

My clients requested I make this information available. After writing four books, I put together a program that outlined much of what I know.

This is a 12 Module on-line video Program that teaches you how to get the best from your life.



Our Untapped Potential

We have so much potential to live an extraordinary life.

Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking about someone else, “They could do so much better”.

You can see their potential.

Let me ask you some questions:

✓ Do you emotionally go up and down?

✓ Do you feel good when people say the right thing and bad when they say or do something you dislike?

✓ Are you a people-pleaser?

✓ Do you see it as your role to make others happy?

✓ Do you sometimes feel rejected or a failure?

✓ Do you have to get your own way?

 Do you see yourself as a failure or not good enough?


If you answer “Yes” to any of these, you are living below your potential.

Think of the life you would ideally like to be living. What does it look like? How are you feeling? Where are you living? What type of work are you doing?

It is important to know where you are going.

Most people have no idea what they want from their life. As the saying goes: If you are not going somewhere, you are going …


Know what you want from life and be specific.

“Live Your Life Potential” shows you how to achieve this.



“Live Your Life Potential” covers:

✓ Deciding what you want from your life.

✓ Why people emotionally struggle.

✓ How to feel happy and at peace.

✓ How to feel confident.

 Knowing how to cease reacting to what others say, think or do.

✓ Looking after the most important person of all – YOU.

✓ Words that zap your energy and the words that empower you.

✓ How your mind works – The 6 Key Rules that are critical to know.

✓ How to process things in a positive way.

✓ Overcoming your fears and insecurities – the easy way!

✓ Valuing your health – how what you eat affects the way you think and perform.

… and much much more.




This Program Contains:

* 12 Modules of on-line videos.

* a comprehensive 133 page workbook.

* ongoing access to the program


Clive has changed thousands of people’s lives through working with them one-on-one. What he presents here is what he shares in consultations. It works and often achieves near immediate results.

This program is run a few times a year so if you would like to be notified when the next one is being held, please enter your details below.




“I have completed the ‘Live Your Life Potential’ course with Clive Murphy and I found it to be one of the best courses I have ever undertaken.  This course has the potential to change the lives of so many people.  Thank you Clive for changing my life.

Even after completing the course it continues to be of great help because you can always go back and review all that you have done in your work books and also watch a video, which I have done on occasions when things have become a little hard in my life.

Take care Clive and once again thank you so very much.”

Regards Margaret   




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