Not Getting Better?


Or the results you desire?

There can be many reasons why a person is not getting better after receiving help. They include:

– they believe there is nothing wrong with them.

– it is easier to change others than themselves.

– they want others to change to suit them.

– they don’t believe they can get better.

– they don’t believe they have a problem.

– they don’t know how to get better.

– they are fearful of the new state (and change).

– they gain an unconscious benefit from having a problem.

– they are not getting the right help.

– they are not doing as the practitioner has requested.

– they have not received the right information to help them change.

– there is an experience (usually a negative one) from their past that is holding them back.


If you are not receiving results, let your practitioner know. If they are unable to further help you, look for another practitioner.

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