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He Was Not Connecting …

“John” and “Nancy” were seated at their restaurant table. John was trying to tell Nancy why he had come home an hour late from the gym and had not let her know he was going to be late.  Nancy wasn’t impressed with the conversation and folded her arms. John, seeing he was not being believed, […]

My Memory Is Going

Have you ever heard yourself say this? Last week I began to wonder whether the old brain cells had reached their storage limit and decided they weren’t going to take in any more information. I was forgetting names, things I had to get from the supermarket and where I had put personal items. I lost […]

You Will Never Get Out Of What You Don’t Want

Jodie hobbled into my consulting room, sat down and took a deep sigh. “How’s things?” I asked. “Couldn’t be worse” she replied. “What’s happening?” “I had to go into hospital for an operation and I have come in contact with the worst bug possible, even worse than Golden Staph. It is called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus […]

What If …?

“Jenny” consulted with me because she was upset with some things happening in her life. Her mother was in hospital and she worried about her. She had to have a biopsy on one of her breasts. Her children were having problems with school and she was worried they would fail their tests. They also had […]

I Don’t Have Any Willpower

This is a term I often hear. “I don’t have the willpower to quit smoking.” “I don’t have the willpower to exercise.” “I don’t have the willpower to eat healthy foods.” “I don’t have the willpower to do the things I know I should be doing.” “I don’t have the willpower to go out and […]

What Would You Do?

I received a phone call from a gentleman who, I’m assuming, has native African heritage. In broken English he asked “Can I please book my young child in to see you because he is not speaking very well. He has trouble saying words and I need to get him some help” This gentleman had called […]

The Best Way To Treat It

This morning, I was watching a television show where they were discussing Anxiety. The common ways put forward to cope with it were “smile”, “take lots of deep breaths”, “set aside some worry time” and “take prescribed medication”. Obviously, all these will work to some degree. The feedback from viewers indicated the best results were […]

I Hate Conflict

“Maria” was a people pleaser. She wanted everyone to think highly of her and like her. Problem was, she had an older sister who was doing something she didn’t agree with. Her husband had the perfect solution: “Ring her up and tell her how you feel”. “I can’t do that. What am I going to […]

It's All About Me

We were visiting a family to help the mother celebrate her 45th birthday. Whilst there, their 22 year old son arrived home. The first thing he did was ask his father for some money, then he asked his mother to do his washing, raided the fridge and left. Not once did he say “Hi” to […]