Ways to Improve Your Life and Be Happy. 


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Take the Life Quiz

To see how you are performing, check out these Quizzes. Currently, there is one on Life, one on Relationships and one on Self-Esteem. They will help you identify the areas you need to work on and improve.

To make life easy, I have included a checklist you may find handy. This is to help identify the many things that need to be done when a person passes (dies).



Get Counselling/Coaching

Are you having problems where you are unable to find a solution? You may have spoken with friends or you may have read books. It may be time to have a Session with Clive to help you deal with the problem so you can feel happy, at peace and enjoy life. You can do this in person or via the phone.



Complete A Course

Because Clive gets such great results in his counselling/consulting business, he has taken some of the ground-breaking ideas he shares with clients and put them into on-line courses.

If you would like to know how to cease reacting to others and feel happy, peaceful and fulfilled, “Live Your Life Potential” is the program for you. The concepts shared in this 12 Module program are the same Clive uses to turn people’s lives around in one or two sessions.

Other important courses include:
        Dealing With Anxiety
        Dealing With Social Anxiety
        Beating Depression
        Quit Smoking
        9 Steps To Being A Great Parent

Completing these courses online allows you to sit back in the comfort of your home and learn how to get the best out of yourself at your own pace.



Develop High Self Esteem

From Clive’s own experiences of “emotionally hitting rock bottom”, he has developed this new concept on Self Esteem. It is one that produces near instant results. You can use it in everyday situations to help overcome such problems as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, addictions, anorexia/bulimia, anger and stress.

You can test your Self Esteem (this just may surprise you) and read about all the things that contribute to low self esteem. High self esteem is something easily achieved. It places you in control of how you feel and what you do.



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Overcome Depression & Anxiety

You will suffer Depression at some point in life. You may feel emotionally down, tired and in a no-win state. You may even feel there is no solution to your problem. Learn what depression is and how to beat it.

Many people experience Anxiety and it stops them from enjoying a good life. If you would like to overcome Anxiety, this course may just help you to do so.



Eliminate Stress

Stress is regarded by many as being the Number 1 killer in our society. There are stresses at home, work, in relationships, financially and with others. Left undealt with, stress can easily turn into ill health and disease.

Stress is responsible for millions of dollars in lost productivity in the work force. It is a major problem and getting worse. To overcome it, many have “coping” mechanisms while others try and manage it. The best way is to eliminate it so it no longer affects you.



Create a “Magical” Relationship

Your Relationship with a loved one contains much emotion. When things are going well, you can feel elated. When things go wrong, you can feel devastated. Learn how to stop things going wrong. If they do, learn how to handle them so you feel in control.



Enjoy Great Health

This is an area that you can take for granted. You may not realise what you have until you lose it! Learn how to have Great Health and maintain it. Also learn how to overcome many of the debilitating health problems that exist.



Develop Motivation

A lack of Motivation can stop you in your tracks. It can cause you to feel lethargic and depressed. Learn how to feel motivated to Maximise your Performance. Learn the key motivating factors and the ones that stop you from achieving -whether you are an elite athlete, a corporation, a business or an individual.



Purchase Products

When things are hectic, you may like to learn at you own pace. You may like to read a book, watch a dvd or listen to a cd. To see a list of Products, click on “Shop” in the above toolbar.

“The ‘Empower Yourself’ book is the best self help book I have ever read, hands down. It’s practical, logical and straight to the point.” … Daniel B



Attend A Seminar

Like Clive to present a keynote talk, a Seminar or be a guest speaker at one of your functions? As Clive specialises in teaching you how to take control of your thinking, he is in high demand because he is one of the leaders in his field. His concept on self esteem is regarded by many as being the best there is.




What ever you choose to do …

This is Your Life ~ Enjoy It.

You deserve the Best.


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